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Feb 15, 2010


いよいよ2月19日、HARD の待望のアルバム Time Is Waiting For No One が Escape Music より発売されます。Beau Hill のプロデュースということで、全曲クールなサウンドで Melodic Hard Rock ファンならずとも1枚持っていたくなるアルバムに仕上がっています。
Long-awaited New album 'Time Is Waiting For No One' by HARD is to be released on 19th February 2010. It's from Escape Music and produced by a well-known producer Beau Hill. All tracks have cool sounds and are great melodic hard rock. Even if you are not a fan of hard rock, it sure will be the one you want to keep it on your hand. That album turns out to be just like it.

Time Is Waiting For No One (2009)

【 Track List 】
                 2.Time Is Waiting For No One
                 3.Shine On Me Now
                 4.The Pace And The Flow
                 5.4-leaf Clover
                 6.Magical Pretence
                 7.Black Clouds
                 8.Lonesome Loneliness
                 9.Into The Fire
                10.My Kind Of Woman
                11.Love Goes With Anything

Here is the album preview video for the promotion. Check it out.

楽曲の視聴は Escape Music のホームページまたは max3(↓) でどうぞ。こちらの max3 ではトラックの購入もできます。下の画像をクリックしてください。
You can hear the tracks of the album at Escape Music website, and order it at max3. Just click on the pic below to go there.

Time Is Waiting For No One

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