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Aug 15, 2010


QUEEN の楽曲を取り扱ったミュージカル We Will Rock You や 80s ロックバンドの復活をテーマにした ディズニー XD の I'm In The Band (邦題:爆音家族) 、現代の若いバンドでさえ 80s サウンドを取り入れた楽曲が目立つ近年ですが、こちらのブロードウェイミュージカル ROCK OF AGES も公演回数を重ねるごとに観客数が増えてきています。
2周年目に入った ROCK OF AGES ですが、いよいよ9月21日からシカゴの Bank Of Ameraca Theatre を皮切りに全米ツアーがスタートします。もうすでにこのミュージカルはニューヨークのブロードウェイだけの話ではなく、全米さらに全世界にまで知れ渡っているので、地元で見れるとなると US ファンにとってはたまらなく嬉しいことでしょう。ツアー日程は ROCK OF AGES の Official Website でチェックしてください。

We know QUEEN's musical WE WILL ROCK YOU, Desney XD movie I'M IN THE BAND and even young rock bands make songs which are added 80's sound in it. Now everyone realizes the Broadway musical ROCK OF AGES has been  increasing  audience size every single time it plays.
ROCK OF AGES has the 2nd anniversary and the US TOUR starts from September 21st at the Bank Of America Theatre in Chicago. This musical is popular in the musical scene not only on broadway in New York but in all over the world right now. I'm sure the US fans cannot wait to see at the local area on the tour. Check out the tour schedule at ROCK OF AGES Official Website.
Summer In 2009, the sound tracks album of ROCK OF AGES recorded by the original casts was released. I would not write down the bands name who sing here. Maybe you can tell the name when you see the title of a song below.


     [ Track List ]
     01. Just Like Paradise / Nothin' But A Good Time
     02. Sister Christian
     03. We Built This City / Too Much Time On My Hands
     04. I Wanna Rock
     05. We're Not Gonna Take It
     06. Heaven / More Than Words / To Be With You
     07. Waiting For A Girl Like You
     08. Wanted Dead Or Alive
     09. I Want To Know What Love Is
     10. Cum On Feel The Noize / We're Not Gonna Take It - Reprise
     11. Harden My Heart / Shadows Of The Night
     12. Here I Go Again
     13. The Final Countdown
     14. Any Way You Want It / I Wanna Rock - Reprise
     15. High Enough
     16. I Hate Myself For Loving You / Heat Of The Moment
     17. Hit Me With Your Best Shot
     18. Can't Fight This Feeling
     19. Every Rose Has Its Thorn
     20. Oh Sherrie
     21. The Search Is Over
     22. Don't Stop Believin'

伝説の 80s サウンド満載のこのアルバムは または で購入できます。楽曲の試聴は こちらのページ で。

This amazing album is available at and (in Japan). You can listen to those songs HERE.

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