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Jan 10, 2011


Album Into The Lab Vol. 1 and 2 by FRANKENSHRED was released by Metal On Metal Records in July 2010. Johnny Frankenshred has a reputation for his guitar playing especially the shredding as his name shows it. Each album has 11 songs and are made in prose as amazing as the last album Cauldron Of Evil. There is even a song of long duration more than 12 min in it. Those albums are available at

2010年7月 Metal On Metal Records より通算7枚目となるアルバム Into The Lab の Vol.1 と Vol.2 をリリースした FRANKENSHRED。 そのギターサウンドには定評があります。このアルバムはどちらも全11曲入りで、名前に Shred という言葉があるとおり、Johnny Frankenshred は、昨年のアルバム Cauldron Of Evil に劣らない見事なギターシュレディングを聴かせてくれていて、 12分以上の長い楽曲もあります。 こちらは - MP3 で購入可能です。

Into The Lab Vol.1

          [ Track list ]
          01. Igor's Revenge
          02. The Formula
          03. Night of the Bat
          04. Judge Shred
          05. Curse of the Baron
          06. Dr. Frankenshred
          07. Laboratory Experiment
          08. Bass Solo (Demo Version) (bonus track)
          09. Grinding the Axe (Demo Version) (bonus track)
          10. Haunted Mansion (Demo Version) (bonus track)
          11. The Journey (Demo Version) (bonus track)

Into The Lab Vol.2

             [ Track list ]
             01. Evil Shred Part1
             02. Evil Shred Part2
             03. Evil Shred Part3
             04. Haunted Mansion
             05. World Wars Regenge
             06. The Journey
             07. Grinding The Axe     
             08. In The Dungeon
             09. Better Shred Than Dead
             10. Guitar Solo (Demo Version) (bonus track)
             11. Evil Shred Part4 - The Lost Part   
               (Demo Version) (bonus track)

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