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Jun 25, 2011

Against All Will

Against All Will is a band based in around Los Angeles in USA with a pretty heavy and edgy rock sound as you can hear. The current line-up was formed in 2009 and then released the EP A Rhyme & Reason. The videos of 3 songs Swept Away, The Drug I Need and All About You from the EP has been already published. You can see them at their website and every official network pages. Against All Will's songs have been airplaying on many radio stations in US. Last year, they appeared and played All About You acoustic version in a live at The Fox radio station. That is something and an amazing performance!
The members are Steve Wilson (Drums), Jeff Current (Vocals), Jimmy Allen (Guitars), and Cell Dias (Bass) from the left in the pic above.

アメリカはロサンゼルスを中心に活躍している Against All Will。 楽曲を聴いて分かるように結構歪んだヘビーで鋭いサウンドを作り出しているバンドです。 現在のメンバーになったのは2009年で、 その後すぐに下記の 7 曲入り EP A Rhyme & Reason をリリースしています。 この中からすでに Swept AwayThe Drug I NeedAll About You の 3 曲のミュージックビデオが公開されています。 全米でのラジオのオンエアやリクエストも多く、昨年ラジオ局 The FOX にライブ出演してアコースティックな All About You を披露。 通常のライブとは一味違うしっとりとした歌と演奏を聴かせてくれています。
メンバーは上記画像左端より、Steve Wilson (Drums)、Jeff Current (Vocals)、Jimmy Allen (Guitars)、そして右端が Cell Dias (Bass) です。

Against All will Cover(240)
A Rhyme & Reason (2009)

                  [ Track List ]
                  01. Swept Away
                  02. Discard You
                  03. All About You
                  04. The Blue
                  05. Nothing Good Anymore
                  06. The Drug I Need
                  07. Let Go

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